5 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Culture

Hispanic Heritage is not just One Month!

Hispanic Heritage month is coming to a close on October 15th – but celebrating the Latino culture is something we can do all year. Here’s 5 ways to keep the Latino Spirit Alive!

1. On October 12th commemorate Dia de La Raza:

2016-dia-de-la-razaA celebration of countries with Latin American heritage and culture. Since the US has more Latinos than any other country save Brazil – its our holiday as well! It’s inclusive of “the original inhabitants of the Americas and all the Immigrants from throughout the world who have come in search of a new creation.”

2. Start getting ready…

…for Dia de Los Muertos on November 1: A day to remember those who have come before you and to invite them back to guide, support, and enrich your iife. (More in my next newsletter)

3. Spread the Hispanic Bienvenido (welcoming) spirit.

2016-bienvenidosEach day find a way to share, be hospitable, and generous. Generosity is the heart of the Latino culture and can be found in the “golden rule” – Mi Casa es su Casa. Being generous can be giving a helping hand, a hug, listening, taking time for someone.

4. Look for ways to be inclusive and embrace diversity!

Latinos come in many colors: white, brown, red, chocolate, cafe and latte. We are a fusion people – mainly Spanish and the indigenous people of this hemisphere. Latinos love diversity and offer a model for how people with many faces and from many races can work together to build a better future for their famiies and the next generation.

5. Experience Hispanic cultural assets:

2016-hisp-tacoLatinos work hard but enjoy life with GUSTO! So what can you do to put a little salsa in your life? Latinos value family and friends above all. Today how can you express your appreciation to those you love? And then there’s Mexican food – America’s favorite cuisine and Americas favorite mixed drink – a margarita. Oh yeah and o nce a week join the fun! Enjoy TACO TUESDAY!

Hispanic Heritage for Everyone

2016-hisp-heritage-everyone-smallBecause of Hispanic inclusiveness, Latinos hold the promise of a new America – one with diversity and respect for differences at its core. Today as we seek to find the common ground that unites us – Latinos invite people to look to the cultural, spiritual, and historical bonds that hold us together. Their bienvenido spirit summons people to work together to build America’s Future and to ensure prosperity for future generations!

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