8 Steps to GET Goals not SET Goals in 2016

Going to the health club in January can be daunting – every machine has a perspiring, “I’m gonna do it,” person looking like nothing, I mean nada is going to stop him from lookin’ good. How come by the time the March snow begins to thaw, you can feel the prairie wind blowing through that empty health club?

What happened?

All of us SET goals – but do we know how to GET goals? Here’s a surefire way to achieve your New Year’s resolutions in 2016.

1. Get Your MOJO working…

Start TODAY!
Get some momentum going. I started my Yoga Practice in November last year – all right. all right, now I tell you – When January came I had momentum and that kept me going!! Your goals should be something you can start RIGHT NOW – Don’t wait until after that New Year’s party or that holiday lull to get started! Start Today!

2. Pick something you really WANNA do

The first factor in goal achievement is motivation! It has to be something you – not your mother – wants you to do. So as you sort through all the possible things you could do to improve your life in 2015 – what is it your heart’s desire? What would energize you – make your life more enjoyable? And how about Multiple PAY OFFS?

3. List Multiple Pay Offs

A few years ago my New Year’s resolution was to work out 3 to 4 times a weeks and I did it! What kept me on that stairmaster and pumping weight? I made a list of multiple pay offs: better health, stronger body, more balance, and being “more centered,” less stress, new social contacts, going to the steam room afterwards (which I love), and since I am a “senior” – increased longevity and looking good as I age – Hey, I thought I might even get a date.

Well, I didn’t get a date – but my posture improved and keeping up with those twenty- and thirty-somethings makes me feel like I was still in the game. So what are the multiple pay offs for your goal? Make a list and put it on the fridge where you can see it every day.

4. Be CLEAR and SPECIFIC about what you want to achieve

The more specific you are about your goal – the more you will know when you have achieved the desired results. If you want a more fulfilling family life in 2016, what does this mean?

A weekly movie night? Going on a date with your spouse once a month? Starting a family sport (which one, when will you do this, how many times a month?) Agreeing on ways to have good family dinner conversations? (One family I know has check-ins – how was your day and what is one good thing that happened?). Committing to a special half hour with each of your children every week may be the ticket for sparking more family togetherness.

5. Measure your progress! Success builds success

When that wise Roman looked around and said “This wasn’t built in a day,” he was nudging us to become savvy goal-getters. Anything worthwhile takes time, effort, and persistence. You don’t finish a college degree, save the down payment for a house, or get to a suave size 8 in a day! So how do you keep yourself “keeping on?”

Do a timeline breaking down the end results into steps you can achieve on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Keep track of your progress and reward yourself for achieving those results. Celebrate success! And meanwhile remember to be realistic.

6. Be realistic…Be a Winner!

If you set a goal to lose 15 pound but lose only 10 – you haven’t met your target and will not feel like a winner. It is better to set a realistic goal to lose 10 pounds and then up the ante…each time you meet your goal you will feel better and more confident!

If you want to stop working so late, pick two days when you will leave a half an hour earlier – put this in your calendar, set the alarm on your watch to go off, figure out a positive reward from doing this. Re-evaluate in a month to see how your are doing. Then up the ante… Set “STRETCH GOALS!” Ones that with effort you can achieve! Each time you achieve a goal – up the ante…

7. You Gotta Pay the Price TAG!

With every goal there are obstacles and sacrifices. Yeah, you really would like to start saving more money for the kids college education – but are you willing to not go out to eat, not take that vacation, or stop those shopping sprees? Not so fast…it sounded like a good idea…but you weren’t ready to make the sacrifices it would take.

Before you make a commitment review the price tag and be prepared for what it’s gonna cost. Figure out ways to make up for sacrifices or do something new that is even better. Go on a scavenger hunt to the Goodwill Stores; spend a family vacation “discovering your town,” have Italian night at home. Organize a pot luck dinner. Save money while having fun!

8. Get a Partner and tell Everybody about it… Blah blah blah

Letting people know what your goal is another way to “motivate” yourself to achieve. But be careful with this one cause once you say you are going to do it…well, you have to DO IT! Pick people who will be supportive. Ask them to check in with you in a friendly way, of course.

And while you are at it – get yourself a goal partner to keep you on track, and maybe get collateral benefits from your achievements. Want to read more and be more informed? Join a book club. Find a work-out buddy go with you to the health club. Ask a classmate to study together on a regular basis.

In Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of arranging objects to help people achieve their goals, there is a saying, “Change one thing – change everything.”
That’s the ripple effect of goal setting – you will feel more in charge of your life – more powerful. And then you can achieve even greater feats!
So just do it!

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