It’s time for a National Anthem for Latinos

de-colores2 Latinos were only declared a minority from the 1980 census on. We are still in the identity formation stage. The adoption of a national anthem that speaks to our uniqueness and common experiences would serve as a source of unity, pride, and bring deeper meaning to what it means to be Latino. But what song could bring the vast Latino diversity together?

Go For the Gusto – Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

banner-cinco-de-mayo Cinco de Mayo is gathering steam as the Southwest's favorite cultural holiday. Just as St. Patrick's Day, Oktoberfest, and the Chinese New Year recognize our cultural mosaic, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the contributions of Mexican Americans as well as our own growing relationship with our neighbors south of the border.

Latinos are turning 40!

2017-40a Considering the vibrancy and influence of Hispanics today it is hard to believe that this growing demographic wasn't officially recognized until The Office of Management and Budget issued Directive 15 on May 12, 1977 which added Hispanic as a racial and ethnic category to the US Census. From then on there would be five colors in the US palette: American Indian, Asian or Pacific Islander, Black White and Hispanic.

Celebrate Earth Day

earth-day-2017 Earth Day is celebrated on APRIL 22 to honor our planet & shed light on environmental issues. It promotes an ideal of peace and sustainability for all. The 2017 campaign is dedicated to an ambitious goal - to achieve global climate and environmental literacy in the space of three years, by Earth Day 2020. LEARN 5 WAYS TO SUPPORT THIS GOAL!

Take Out Your Lassos – It’s Time for WonderWoman Leadership

wonderwoman-2017 WonderWoman was popularized by DC comics in the 1940's during WWII. She was a woman warrior with power and strength encouraging women to work and support the war effort. WonderWoman was one of the first icons depicting women as leaders who fought for what was right and just. WonderWoman was revitalized 40 years ago for a new generation in the exciting 1975 TV series. A new WonderWoman movie will be released in June!!!

December 12 Commemorates Our Lady of Guadalupe

2016-guadalupe-appearing December 12 commemorates Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her message of hope, inclusion, healing, and unity is needed today just as it was 485 years ago when there was turmoil, division, and cultural clashes.

4 ways be more ALIVE during the Day of the DEAD

2017-4-ways-to-feel-more-alive Día de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a time of solemn celebration. A time to express gratitude for the teaching and gifts received from our grandparents, teachers, and ancestors. A time to reflect on the legacy you want to leave. I hope this post supports you in bringing this knowledge and insight into your life and leadership path!

5 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Culture

2016-hispanic-heritage-everyone Hispanic Heritage month is coming to a close on October 15th - but celebrating the Latino culture is something we can do all year. Here's 5 ways to keep the Latino Spirit Alive!

Video: Highlights of Juana Bordas’ work with the Hispanic Community

video-still-juana-bordas-history Watch Juana's latest 2016 video documenting her successful career as a business leader, speaker, entrepreneur, diversity & inclusion expert, leadership expert and award-winning author.

Five Creative Ways to Take Care of Your MOTHER

mother-earth Everyday is Earth Day! Take the Earth Pledge...I pledge allegiance to the Earth and to the flora, fauna, and the human life it supports. One planet indivisible, with safe air, water, and soil, economic justice, equal rights, and peace for all. Read Juana's five creative ways to take care of your MOTHER EARTH...

Women’s History Not a Month – A Movement

womens-history-cover In five short years we will celebrate 100 years of women's suffrage. Yet women today have not reached equity and are not at the top levels of leadership. Almost 40 years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act, women still earn 80 cents to the male dollar. Latinas earn 60 cents and 30% of all female headed households are in poverty.

Black Leadership Matters

black-leadership1 Black History Month is a time to reflect, learn, and celebrate the countless contributions African Americans have made - a time to recommit to the work of Civil Rights and Community Engagement. One crucial step is incorporating Black Leadership principles into our organizations and society. We begin by acknowledging the last year of the first Black president who has served our country with dignity, integrity, and high ideals.

Four Leadership Lessons from MLK

mlk1 As we commemorate the life and contributions of Martin Luther King Jr. We look to four leadership lessons that we can emmulate and follow.

8 Steps to GET Goals not SET Goals in 2016

christmas2015 Going to the health club in January can be daunting - every machine has a perspiring, "I'm gonna do it," person looking like nothing, I mean nada is going to stop him from lookin' good. How come by the time the March snow begins to thaw, you can feel the prairie wind blowing through that empty health club?

Bienvenido to Hispanic Heritage Month – Energizing Our Nation’s Diversity

bordas-castro The 2015 Hispanic Heritage month theme “Energizing our Nation’s Diversity” speaks to our changing demographics and the birth our multicultural nation. Latinos have a special role to play because we are diversity – a rich salsa of cultures, countries, and ethnic groups. Latinos come in many colors: white, brown, red, chocolate, or latte. We are a fusion people – mainly Spanish and the indigenous people of this hemisphere, but many Latinos claim French, German, and other nationalities as well.