The International Latino Book Awards, Las Vegas

June 27 – 28 Las Vegas
International Latino Book Awards

Award Winning Author Logo.

Award Winning Author Logo.

Juana Bordas is attending The International Latino Book Awards, now in it’s 16th year. These awards are presented by Latino Literacy Now in partnership with Las Comadres para las Americas and the Instituto Cervantes. Since the Awards were founded over a thousand books have been honored.

Juana Bordas is one of the nominees with her already award winning book “The Power of Latino Leadership. Inclusion, Community and Contribution” The Awards, already the largest awards in the USA celebrating achievements in Latino literature, are leading a wave of cultural and economic development within the Latino community.

Write to Juana and wish her Good Luck on this important event!

International Latino Book Awards 2013 winners

International Latino Book Awards 2013 winners

The institutions that supports these important book awards are:

Latino Literacy Now is a nonprofit co-founded by Edward James Olmos to promote literacy within the community in all forms: educational, financial, and reading. Since 1997 atotal of 52 Latino Book & Family Festivals have been held around the USA within a combined attendance of 880,000. We also conduct the Latino Books into Movies Awards in aneffort to increase the number of Latino themed films that are produced.

Las Comadres para las Americas, a nonprofit organization, is an internationally known Latinoorganization empowering women to be actively engaged in the growing Latino communities through online and face to face networks. Our mission is connecting and empoweringLatinas everywhere through community building/networking, cultural preservation and celebration, learning, and technology.

Instituto Cervantes is a nonprofit organizationcreated by the Spanish government in 1991. Its mission is to promote the teaching of Spanish and to contribute to the advancement of the culture of Spanish speaking countries. Instituto Cervantes is present on five continents with more than 50 centers spread out across many different countries.

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