Motivational Speaking and Keynotes

Getting your meeting or conference off to a jump-start or motivating people after a tasty lunch requires a dynamic inspirational speaker with a message that matters! Working with your organization, Juana’s keynotes and motivational sessions are customized to enhance your conference theme, spark participation, and enthusiasm! Juana weaves leadership, diversity, and community building into a multicolored tapestry that moves people into action. She utilizes music, movement, and leadership practices from many cultural traditions to illustrate the richness and wisdom diversity brings. Juana’s energetic and creative speeches have inspired people across America to tap into their passion and lead from their highest values. A thought-leader, an energizer and a connector Juana invites people to interact, share, and experience the dynamic power of diversity and to grow their leadership skills.

A few of keynote topics include:

  • Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: The Power of Diversity
  • Tapping the Power of Latino Leadership
  • Servant Leadership: Growing People’s Capacities and Strengths
  • De Colores: Celebrating Hispanic Culture
  • Igniting and Motivating Your Inner Leader
  • The Power of WE: Leadership, Team Work and Inclusive Environments

Here’s what people across America have said about Juana’s keynotes:

Juana Bordas

“I especially appreciated Juana’s energy/enthusiasm and willingness to encourage others to tap into their own.”

“Stimulating – encouraged participation – fun and informative”

“One of the most inspiring workshops I’ve ever been part of.”

“Her charisma is contagious.”

“Juana shows us how the gifts and assets of our diverse society enhances and strengthens leadership.”

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