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Es la Hora: ¡El futuro es bilingüe!

Dr. Juana Bordas will be the opening Keynote Speaker for the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) in New Orleans in March.

Her Keynote: Es la hora: ¡El futuro es bilingüe!

When Bad Bunny declared he would only sing in Español and then became the world’s top pop star; young people took a second look at how cool it is to be bilingual. Today the US is the fastest growing Spanish speaking country in the world. And in our global economy, people who connect across cultures and speak more than one language have a competitive advantage. We will explore the dynamics shaping our multicultural future, tap into the potential the Latino culture offers to promote a bilingual, multicultural, and people-centered society, and learn leadership principles that have emerged from our diverse society. We will celebrate que es la hora – a new day for bilingual and multicultural educators.

Dr. Juana Bordas will also lead a workshop at the conference.

The Latino bienvenido Spirit!

Latinos come from 26 countries and are a mixed, multicultural, multilingual people. The culture has a bienvenido or welcoming spirit that values inclusion, equity, and invites people from many cultures to participate and even become Latinos by Corazón (heart). Latinos are a pro-type for creating our multicultural future. Community, hard work, sharing, collaboration, and respect are key values that support quality bilingual education. Latino leadership is people-centered and participatory. Join us to explore, celebrate, and participate in this dynamic, youthful, and inclusive culture.

Her book, "The Power of Latino Leadership, ¡Ahora!", will be available for purchase.


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