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Latino Leadership New Cover

Juana’s New Book…

The Power of Latino Leadership ¡Ahora! 

Inclusion, Community, and Contribution

“To develop a deeper appreciation for the countless contributions the Latino community is making to America’s multicultural leadership journey, read this book!”

—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow

"Latinos have advanced because of the activist tradition of our leaders who organized people to address social injustice. As the Latino community comes into power, our future leaders can learn from The Power of Latino Leadership. ‘Si Se Puede - Yes We Can’ is a call to action. This book captures this spirit."
- Dolores Huerta, President, Co-Founder United Farm Workers, Author of the slogan “Si Se Puede”

“Latinos are part of the fabric of America. Our culture and values are perfectly consistent with the American Dream. The Power of Latino Leadership explores a leadership model to maximize the role of Latinos in America’s future growth and expansion.”- Former Mayor of San Antonio, 2020 Presidential Candidate

salsa soul spirit cover

Salsa, Soul, and Spirit

Leadership for a Multicultural Age

Our nation is quickly becoming a multicultural cornucopia. Tapping the potential of our changing demographics requires a leadership approach that resonates with our growing diversity. In Salsa, Soul, and Spirit, Juana Bordas shows how incorporating Latino, African-American, and American Indian approaches to leadership into the mainstream has the potential to strengthen leadership and inspire today’s ethnically rich workforce.

Bordas identifies nine leadership principles common to all three cultures. Principles deeply rooted in each culture’s values and developed under the most trying conditions. Using a lively blend of personal reflections, interviews with leaders, historical background, and insightful analysis


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Leadership by the Many – the Power of Latino Inclusion. Click to download »

Pass the Salsa, Please – In the nineties when Salsa passed ketch-up as America’s favorite condiment, it was hailed as a “multicultural break-through.” But the best was yet to come. Click to download »

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